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EST. 1994 - Los Angeles, CA


CA License #686859 (B, C-10)

(323) 256-6535


General & Electrical Contractor
CA Lic. #686859 (B, C-10)
Tel  (323)256-6535
Fax (323)256-6539

P.O. BOX 65552

We are CERTIFIED RENOVATORS for EPA's Lead Safety for Renovation, Repair and Painting Final Rule (40 CFR 745)

Renovate Right Pamphlet (PDF)

We are a proud California business:  we take pride in our diverse communities in the dynamic City of Angels, we take pride in our service, and we take care of the people we serve.  Los Angeles is home to all of us, and we are adamant about supporting our local businesses and property owners through our services. 

We are strong supporters of education in California.  We are supporters of Loyola High School of Los Angeles through the Latino Alumni Society, Cathedral High School of Los Angeles, St. Mary Elementary School in Boyle Heights (East L.A.), and Divine Saviour Elementary in Cypress Park (L.A.)  Please feel free to click on the links or contact us if you would like to help us support these organizations.
Have no fear, MARCOS CONSTRUCTION is here!

is a general and electrical contractor with a combined 45 years experience in commercial and residential construction and remodels, proud to be working for the enterprising businesses and the steadfast building owners of the City of Angels. 

Why do entrepreneurs and building owners pick us?
Tenant Improvement is our forte.  In today's economy, property managers and business owners do not have time to deal with amateurs.  We have experience in property management, we know your responsibilities, and we also know from experience that "in-house" crews ultimately don't work.  We're also an entrepreneurial minded company, so we know that time and money are of essence to a busines owner.  Our commercial clients want fast, efficient, no-nonsense solutions to their facility needs.  On top of the great value, we bring speed!  We get down to business in a fast and furious manner...and we can do that because we are PROFESSIONAL.  All the meticulous planning and organizing happens behind the scenes, on our own time, so you only get to experience our production.  Our clients want us in and want us out...yesterday!

Why do homeowners pick us?
We are tired of the so called "contractors" that give our trade a bad name.  We've heard too many horror stories of framers, who know how to frame a house, but don't know how to conduct the business of framing houses.  The ones that are unlicensed, are unlicensed for a reason!  There are gaps in their knowledge that can cost you a fortune.  We work with architects and design professionals that offer what we like to offer our clients, no-nonsense, practical solutions to your construction needs.  Our mantra in residential is "Keep It Simple

MARCOS CONSTRUCTION INC. can handle jobs of all sizes.  From a simple market ready paint and carpet, to an interior door installation, or a ceiling or lighting retrofit, we can do it all.  Clients expect the same level of service and high standards regardless of job size.  Doing smaller jobs has a ripple effect, often leading to larger jobs, and we don't mind earning your trust.  A job is never "small" to the client!

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